My Resume

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How SCSS Improves Responsive Development

Approaching the end of the semester, students were given the option whether or not to do a capstone project utilizing SCSS. For my project, I chose to revamp the website for a recently opened and popular hangout spot in Provo, Utah; “The Vibe”.

Why Developers Should Understand Design

Being a developer in a small startup company, the more I know about design, the better off the entire company is. I’ll be going over how understanding design tools and principles have helped me uplift our company

From Intern to Web Developer II: My Journey

In August 2022, my journey in the world of Web Development work field began as an intern for a local startup, Sixth Media. Here’s how things have gone since I was first hired.

From Good to Great: Leveling Up Vitargo

I work as a full time web-developer for a digital marketing agency in Lehi, Utah called Sixth Media. In this case study, I want to highlight a web build our development team did that I’m
particularly proud of, Vitargo.